Pupil Voice with Mr Morris

The children met our Chair of Governors today and spoke about how they are challenged in class. They explained that their teacher offers challenge by asking them questions at the end of their work to check their understanding or to see if they can apply their learning. They told Mr Morris that they were very happy in school and that they enjoyed their learning each day.

Pupil Voice 

Tonight Mrs Holden met with Yesenia children to talk about school. Here are the questions asked and pupil responses:

How happy are you at school? Why are you happy?

– We are all happy because we have good friends. 

– Our teachers are really kind and friendly. 

– I like coming to school because it is fun and we get challenged. 

– School is good because it helps us learn. 

How safe do you feel at school? What do you feel safe?

– I feel very safe, we have special assemblies which teach us how to stay safe. 

– We have teachers on the gates each morning making sure that we are safe.

 – We have things like fire alarm checks and health and safety walks.

– Mr Wigman and Miss Dempsey have a safety squad who helps us to keep safe. 

How does school help you learn?

– We have pink makes you think which helps us to correct any mistakes or encourages us to work harder.

– Our teachers give us tricky lessons and challenging tasks. 

– Each lesson we have an objective that we have to acheive.