Pupil Voice 

Tonight Mrs Holden met with Yesenia children to talk about school. Here are the questions asked and pupil responses:

How happy are you at school? Why are you happy?

– We are all happy because we have good friends. 

– Our teachers are really kind and friendly. 

– I like coming to school because it is fun and we get challenged. 

– School is good because it helps us learn. 

How safe do you feel at school? What do you feel safe?

– I feel very safe, we have special assemblies which teach us how to stay safe. 

– We have teachers on the gates each morning making sure that we are safe.

 – We have things like fire alarm checks and health and safety walks.

– Mr Wigman and Miss Dempsey have a safety squad who helps us to keep safe. 

How does school help you learn?

– We have pink makes you think which helps us to correct any mistakes or encourages us to work harder.

– Our teachers give us tricky lessons and challenging tasks. 

– Each lesson we have an objective that we have to acheive. 

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